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Driving Miss Daisy opens Feb 8


Miss Daisy played by Ginger Rosen.

By Pat Jewell
Tater Patch Players

   What does it take to become Miss Daisy? Does a resemblance to Jessica Tandy help? In the case of Ginger Rosen, the resemblance was a foot in the door, but her incredible acting ability was the real reason for her success with the part.
    Rosen was born and raised in Chicago. She studied opera as a school girl. Later she married and moved to Gwinnett County where she raised four children.  Rosen went back to her music and decided to audition for a play. Her first part was Sister Robert Ann in Nunsense with the County Seat Players in Lawrenceville. Rosen hired an agent, took acting lessons and began singing again. Her credits include lead vocalist in Dangerous Liaisons and an extra part in Remember the Titans. 

    Rosen has played Miss Daisy five times. The beginning of her interest in the part was when her agent called and asked if she thought she looked like Jessica Tandy. Rosen did not see the resemblance but did take the gig. She worked a trade show in Atlanta for one day. All she had to do was be in character from the time she got out of her car until she got back in to go home.  It was a big success for her.         “People actually came up to me and asked where Hoke was,”  says Rosen. “Since Hoke was not cast for this show, I simply told them that Hoke was in the car waiting on me!” Many of the other trade fair workers watched Rosen throughout the day and thought she was Tandy.
    Shortly after this experience, Rosen saw that the show was to be staged in Marietta. She auditioned and got the part. While doing the Marietta show, someone from the Canton Theater saw Rosen and asked her to audition for their production of the same show. “Opening night of the Canton show was spectacular,” says Rosen. “We approached the theater in one of the cars that was used in the movie. I was handed a mink stole to wear. Of course, Hoke drove. When we pulled up there were people dressed in formal theater wear, including minks.  There were lights and photographers. We felt like real stars!” 
    Come and join Ginger and the other actors for a touching and fun show - no minks required! Driving Miss Daisy will be staged at the Tater Patch Players Theater at 95 Philadelphia Lane in Jasper. Tickets are $15 adult and $14 seniors and students. Show dates are Feb.  8, 9, 15, 16, 22 and 23 at 7:30 and Feb. 10 and 17 at 2. For tickets see or call the theater at 706-253-2800.


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