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Strange lights captured on smartphone video







There is clearly something on Kris Mountain’s cell phone video shot January 13 at around 8 p.m. in the Price Creek area.

It’s hard to describe, but whatever it is, it flitters and darts across the night sky and it changes color. One Progress employee described it as looking like a moth flying around a light at night – until it started changing color.

Making it even more difficult to identify, Mountain said he can’t even guess the size of the object because he never could tell exactly how high it was. Mountain said his thought is that it wasn’t that big and not that far away, but he’s not sure. 

It’s also hard to tell what shape the illuminated object is -- sphere, disc – maybe it’s spinning and you are seeing different angles on the several minute video Mountain shot.

He and several friends watched this object, along with several others darting across the sky first at their house on Price Creek Trail, then they drove up to Burnt Mountain overlook where they continued watching, possibly as many as five of the lighted, color-changing orbs. He said they probably saw them moving around and coming back into view for more than an hour.

At the overlook he said they were all above him, not down on the tree line as other recent reports of mysterious flying objects in Pickens have been.

Mountain said he was prompted to bring the video to the Progress following the string of UFO stories reported recently. They began with an initial report on November 30th when several people called 911 to report what they thought was a plane in trouble that prompted a search involving more than 30 people including the Civil Air Patrol.

Other reports have trickled in from different areas of the county and Gilmer County as well. 

Mountain, like many of the other people who have called or e-mailed the newspaper to talk all things UFO, said he’s not a big believer in UFOs or aliens. In fact, Mountain said he’s not even saying this is a UFO of the alien variety. He hopes that someone will watch his video and be able to identify it as something that is an identified flying object. 

Like Robin Franklin, who reported a strange craft viewed by himself and several neighbors over Ivy Ridge in south Pickens, Mountain thought there might be some testing-of-a-new-technology explanation.

Mountain said if he hadn’t seen the other UFO stories in the Progress, “I was afraid of telling anyone about it because they would think I was crazy.”

He said since taking this video, he was made aware of other similar videos on YouTube that can be found by searching for UFO and spheres. “You can’t believe everything you see on YouTube, but I know this one is real, because I took it,” he said.

Mountain’s online video can be found through at link at or by going to YouTube and searching PickensProgress.




See Youtube video of strange lights over Price Creek area

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