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Foodies will delight at Saturday JUMC Tasting


Stan and Paula Adams from last year's Taste of JUMC.

By Suellen G. Reitz
    Some of the best cooks in Pickens County are gathering again with their best dish to share this Saturday, Jan. 19,   in the fellowship hall from 11 a.m. -1 p.m. for the 5th Annual Taste of Jasper United Methodist Church. If you like food, and especially if you like to taste a bunch of varieties of food, you won’t want to miss it. 

See a coupon for this event on this week's Sports Page in our print and e-editions.



    Similar to the Taste of Pickens, this tasting allows participants to have a generous taste (about 1/4 a normal size serving) of up to 10 delectable dishes which is sure to tantalize and delight your taste buds! The number of servings is based on your ticket which can be purchased at the door. Five tastes for $5 and 10 for $10. And unless you are a hungry jack woodsman that never gets full, you won’t go home hungry. Look for a coupon for a free taste on this week’s Sports page of the Progress.
    “This is all about raising money for our mission ministry,” spoke chairperson Dex Phillips.  “We’ve done the Taste of JUMC for a number of years now and everyone who comes enjoys it. This year we are focusing the monies earned towards our very first Global Impact Celebration on March 6-10 where we bring in missionaries from all over the world to share their stories and how we can become involved. It’s a big commitment and we need funds to make it happen.”
    In addition to enjoying the food that day, the recipes will be made available for you to enjoy time and time again for a $5 donation. These will be done on a request basis and the packet will be made available the following Sunday for members.  Community residents not members of Jasper UMC will have their packet mailed. These recipes will be printed up to fit in the new Jasper UMC cookbook which will also be on site for those who haven’t yet purchased.
    Last year’s Taste of JUMC brought in close to 100 hungry folks to enjoy the sampling... So don’t be left out wondering what you missed. Make it a date to be at Jasper UMC this Saturday, 11-1. Your stomach will thank you!
    There will be close to 20 dishes to choose your favorites. Some of these include: Brunswick stew, gumbo, chicken quesadillas, jalapeno onion dip and chips with a kick, egg rolls, potato soup and much much more. Don’t be bored on another winter day eating the same old thing...  come out to Jasper United Methodist Church on Church Street and sample some of our best! Not only will your stomach be happy, you will feel great knowing your contribution helped make a difference in the world.
    And if boredom is one of your winter blahs, be sure and put the following Saturday on your calendar too! On Jan. 26 starting at 9 a.m. all participants will be feeding the really hungry people in the Stop Hunger Now packing party. You will be amazed as you join other volunteers of all ages put together 10,000 meals in less than 2 hours! The fast-paced action is fun and lively. As each 1,000 bags completed and boxed away, you’ll hear a loud gong hit by one of the younger packers.  Some view it as a race... most views it as good fun with purpose.
    The meals are composed of dehydrated vegetables, soy, rice and spices and are sealed in plastic bags to be shipped all over the world to feed the hungry. To date, there are more than 70 different countries that have received the Stop Hunger Now food packets. 
    Coordinator of the project, Don Jackson, has been involved with Stop Hunger Now for several years. “Everyone gets so much out of it and we know we are making a difference in the world, one meal at a time,”   explained Jackson.  “At a cost of only 25 cents per meal, it’s a real bargain,”
    Once the meals are packed away... a second packing party will begin to assist those a little closer to home. Jasper UMC is putting together 67 flood buckets for future use in times of disaster. These 5 gallon buckets cost around $60 and are filled with all the cleaning supplies flood victims need to start getting their homes back to normal. 
    The North Georgia Methodist Council was responsible for sending 20,000 flood buckets to those affected by Hurricane Sandy. The need is never ceasing and the buckets need to be ready and waiting for the next disaster. 
    There is always something good happening at Jasper UMC.   The Taste of JUMC, Stop Hunger Now and Flood Bucket project are just the start of the projects slated for 2013. If you want to make a difference... and feel the difference you get from doing it... Jasper UMC is waiting for you.

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