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Rec. Dept. to host The Dirty Dozen competition


Rec. Department to host yearlong competition – for adults

By Laiken Owens

Intern reporter

Beginning in January, the Pickens County Rec. Department will be sponsoring a year-long event, “The Dirty Dozen.” It will be a team competition, with one competition every month. These events will be geared towards the adults of Pickens County and are planned as fun competition.

This is the first time the recreation department has tried something like this – a fun adult program, so the first year may be somewhat of a trial run.

If there aren’t enough teams that sign up, the monthly events will be open for groups to get together and come compete only in the events they choose without needing to field a team for the whole year.

Joe Herman, the interim recreation department director, said he thought this format of set teams competing in very different sports one day each month would be a great way to get people involved in a friendly competition. He said people who dominate the softball events may find themselves outmatched when the soccer month rolls around.

But since this is the first year, Herman said he may have to see which events go over the best and then adjust the schedule for the following year.

After the final event, an award ceremony will be held and the winning team will be presented with a trophy and a plaque with all team members’ names on it.

  The events of “The Dirty Dozen” are as follows: January - basketball, February - arm wrestling, March - eating contest, April- team 5k run, May - tug-o-war & track events, June - home run derby, July - softball “one pitch,” August - mud dodge ball, September - mud volleyball, October - soccer, November - flag football and December - ultimate frisbee. 

Company or corporate teams are welcome. The maximum members a team can have is 12 members. Company sponsorship of teams is encouraged and will be acknowledged throughout the year. As teams gear up for the upcoming events it will be the members or captains to decide which team members participate at each event. Companies can advertise their business by sponsoring a team and having their company name or logo on the players’ shirts. The entry fee is $300 per team and a roster with all team members’ names is due Jan. 7. 

Herman said each event is designed to be competed in a single day each month, as Herman said he knows that adults are busy and have kids so they won’t be able to spend several days in a tournament.

The first competition in January will be held on the 26th. Time is running out to enroll in this friendly and fun event.  It’s time to get down and dirty! Contact Seth or Joe at the rec. center if you have any questions, 706-253-8862.

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