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VanGoghs hosting snowman contest




    Audrey Webb and Kathe Hall with a sample snowman.

     Now that winter has officially arrived, VanGoghs owner Kathe Hall plans to brighten the short, dark days with a town filled with snowmen, regardless of whether we actually get any snow.
    Hall came up with the idea to sponsor a snowman contest as a way to bring people and some cheer into downtown during bleak winter days.



    “In January and February there’s not much to do around here,” Hall said. “Winter sets in and we’re all waiting to see if it’s going to storm. So I thought we should do something fun in town.”
    Hall is asking everyone to show off their creative side this winter by decorating a wooden snowman for display along Main Street.
    The contest is open to families, companies, or individuals. A $12 entry fee will get you a 2’X3’ wooden, cut out silhouette of a snowman. From there, Hall said, the possibilities are endless.
    “You could do the snowman in 3D, decoupage, whatever you want to do,” she said. “That’s what I think is going to be so fun - you get an object and go do something with it. You can just go crazy with it. If you get cabin fever then make a snowman.”
    Hall said a lot of people are already excited about the project  but she really hopes kids from the community will get a snowman to decorate.
    “I really just want to see Main Street come back alive. Other cities do scarecrow contests but I’ve never heard of anybody doing a snowman contest.”
    With the fall’s scarecrow contest, summer’s Main Street Manias, and ArtFest in the spring, Hall said the snowman contest will be a great thing to have going on downtown in the winter.
    “It would be great to have something going on every season in our downtown,” she said. 
    Applications are due January 5th along with the $12 entry fee. Hall said the fees go toward the prize money offered for first, second and third place.
    On January 11th and 12th you can pick up your snowman silhouette at VanGoghs and on January 21st or 22nd you may drop off the finished snowman. Judging by local community members will take place January 25th.
    VanGoghs is located beside ETC on South Main Street.


Dessie Sutton
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That sounds great!

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