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Updated:CFO Faye to stay

Harvey to remain County CFO       alt   



Commissioner Rob Jones announced Monday afternoon that County CFO Faye Harvey will remain on the job. Harvey had earlier given her resignation but was persuaded to take time to think about it over the holidays.

Jones and Harvey met on Friday and talked over the situation. Harvey informed Jones that she would would decide by Monday. 


Jones said this takes a lot of pressure off the county to find a new CFO and work to achieve additional budget cuts at the same time.


The exact reason Harvey initially resigned is not known. Jones said in an earlier story that it had caught him by surprise as he wasn't aware of any specific issue.

Harvey's resignation letter contained no specifics and she has not publicly discussed the situation.


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Earlier story



Faye Harvey at the December commissioner's meeting. Last week Harvey announced her resignation as

Pickens County CFO but is reconsidering.

       It was announced at the December Commissioner's Meeting that Faye Harvey, who was hired by the county in October to replace Mechelle Champion, sent a resignation letter to Commissioner Rob Jones last week stating she would resign effective Wednesday, Dec. 26.

     At the meeting Jones said Harvey gave no specific reason for her resignation, but in a follow-up interview Jones told the Progress the new CFO was reconsidering her resignation.

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+5 #1 Paul 2012-12-25 09:25
Where there is smoke there is fire!! I wonder if she realized after looking at the books how bad off our county was financially. Hasn't the county deficit been steadly increasing and is now about 3 to 6 million a year depending on who you believe. It's funny how none of the county issues came up when the Commissioner's race was going on back in July!
-1 #2 edge770 2012-12-26 09:54
The candidate for commission race had no intellectual curiosity and ill suited for politics. Yes, rumors abounded on money issues for years. But unless your "in" it's hard to get a gut feel on the cash. My understanding is we are not making cash flow, but hear the politicians tell it, they cannot and will not cut further. A shake up of dynamic proportions is required. Starting at the chair, on down. I see about 400,000 in cuts not necessarily headcount that can be cut. Capital expenses can be put on SPLOST and early retirement package. Monetize recreation where possible and study the past.
+5 #3 Anita 2012-12-27 07:12
Something here stinks. Everyone who works for the county must come clean and tell the damn truth about our county finances & workings, then and only then, can it be dealt with in a proper & open way.

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