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Change for Teens - important fundraiser for Joy House



By Steve Lowe, Exec. Director,

The Joy House


Our first Joy House banks are being returned back to us filled with change and there is still time for you to participate in our Change for Teens campaign. Let me give you some reasons to consider this.

This year has been one of expansion for The Joy House. Our new boys’ home and school was completed debt-free earlier this year. With this addition, we are now able to minister to more teens on-campus than at any time in our history. Additionally, the Lord opened the door for us to begin The Joy House Counseling Center as part of the ministry under the direction of our good friend, Garry Barber. Through the counseling center, we are touching 30 to 40 lives per month with the message of hope and healing found in Christ.  Both our residential program and our counseling center services are based on the ability-to-pay. This is consistent with our philosophy of ministry; we will never refuse service to anyone because they can’t pay.

Our ability to provide services and make this a reality is because of our great friends and partners who financially support this ministry. By participating in our Change for Teens campaign, you are a part of sewing Christ’s love into the lives of every person who is touched through the ministry of The Joy House.

We are trying to get at least 1,000 of these banks distributed, filled and returned by Friday December 21st. We know that a filled bank with a good variety of change is approximately $10. If 1,000 banks are returned filled, that is a total of $10,000, which will make a huge impact. You can still pick up banks at Jasper Drugs, Sacketts, Pickens Progress, or The Joy House.  Simply pick up your bank, fill it, and return it to your pick-up location. If you would like several house banks to distribute at church, work, or another social network, please contact me directly at The Joy House (706-253-7569 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). Thanks so much for your consideration and we look forward to having you join us to make a Change for Teens.

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