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Deck the halls with PHS poinsettias



Walk through the door of the Agriculture Education Program’s greenhouse on the campus of Pickens High School and your breath is almost taken away by the intense burst of color. Horticulture students enrolled in the program at PHS have been busy since the early part of the school year pampering poinsettias in preparation for the upcoming holiday season.  With the right combination of light, temperature and tender-loving-care, the plants can be coaxed into providing a blast of reds, pinks and various other colors for the Christmas season.

The greenhouse will open its doors to the public starting on Wednesday, Dec. 5, for the public to purchase the poinsettias.  You can visit the green house from 2-4 each day for as long as the poinsettias last.

If you have further questions contact Joe Wright at PHS at 706-253-1801. 

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