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Sharon Troglin says she’s “blessed” by re-election

     “It was so close. When the first two precincts came in I didn’t know how the rest of it was going to go. I’m just really thankful that enough people thought voting for me was the right decision. And I appreciate it so much. I never in a million years thought that it would be that close.”

    Troglin, who ran as an independent candidate, said years ago everyone seeking a local post ran as an independent. Those times have changed, she said.
    “I’m hoping that my experience had a lot to do with it (the win). When I first ran everybody ran as an independent. That’s probably going to be the last independent that will ever run.”
    Troglin didn’t discount the votes she got, however, as an independent candidate, saying her status as independent likely won over some voters.
    Over the next four years, Troglin said she plans to implement as much technology into her office as possible.
    “I want to make it as convenient for the people as I can when they come in to the office. I’ll also focus on public relations and keeping people informed of things that are changing. Now that we have a budget we can count on I’ll let people know where that stands periodically so they’ll have a heads up on that as well.”


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