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County-wide Sunday alcohol sales to be on March ballot


Convenience store and grocery owners outside the city limits of Jasper may be happy to hear that the county will put Sunday alcohol sales by the package on a special election ballot in March of next year.



    “I’m not a drinking man, and it’s not my thing, but if this is what voters want we can put it on the ballot and see,” said Pickens County Commissioner Rob Jones.
    Jones said the decision to put the question to Pickens voters came after Sunday package sales were made legal in Jasper last month. Jones said not only does it make enforcement for police and Sheriff’s officers simpler, but it gives business owners outside the city limits the same advantage as those within. 
    Jones attempted to put the question on the November General Election ballot, but was too late getting the resolution to the Georgia Department of Justice. Jones rescinded the previous resolution with a legal ad in last week’s Progress and has put the wheels in motion for the March special election.
    “The only way this won’t be on the ballot is if the commissioner rescinds it,” said Pickens County Elections Supervisor Julianne Roberts.

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