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Blue law overturned by Jasper council

Beginning this Sunday, package sales allowed in city


sundaysalestrouts    Above, Trouts Wine Manager Weldon Hooley at the package store on W. Church Street in Jasper. Trouts is one of many stores within the city limits that will begin selling by the package this Sunday. 

     Following narrow approval by Jasper City Council on Tuesday, Sept. 4, businesses within the city limits of Jasper will be able to sell alcohol by the package beginning this Sunday.

     Approval followed a second reading of the amended city ordinance, and passed with a 2-3 vote. Council members Tony Fountain and John Foust voted against the motion to approve Sunday package sales.

     Alcoholic beverages can now be sold by the package from 12:30 p.m. until midnight on Sunday within city limits. Any business with a current beer and wine license in the city of Jasper will be able to begin selling this Sunday with no change to their current license, but beginning in 2013 the city will change their licensing procedure.

     Council will discuss the cost of the new license at an upcoming budget meeting, expected to happen in the fall of this year.

     Voters in the City of Jasper approved Sunday package in the July 31 primaries.

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