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Anger over proposed 9 percent tax increase grows


After being pressed and berated by more than 50 citizens for two hours Friday in the final hearing on a proposed 9-percent property tax increase, Commissioner Rob Jones agreed to give the budget one more look before making it official. Above, Commissioner Rob Jones presents finer points of the budget to a crowded meeting last Friday.
Jones told the crowded mid-morning gathering of citizens angry over the higher tax rate that there is little left to cut, “but we’ll go back and see what we can do.”

The citizens in attendance had a lot to say, including calling for a 20 percent cut in all county department spending. See the rest of the this story in our print and e-edition now on sale.


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Big Easy
+2 #11 Big Easy 2012-09-10 13:52
School Board....the BOE were not in the lawsuit with Young Life it was the Tax Assessors office and Chief Appraiser.
-2 #12 taxpayer 2012-09-11 09:56
Mr ernment employees with less than a bachelors degree make more money. That would cover most of the employees. Not to mention benefits are better for government employees. Go back and look it up.

as for complaining about the additional tax. Compile that with the extra money we now pay for gas, food, and healthcare and we should complain. Politicians need to stop treating us taxpayers like an unlimited source of money.
Big Easy
-2 #13 Big Easy 2012-09-11 10:42
With all due respect Mr. Hendrix feel free to pay my extra $40 this year!! I was a government employee and do not think the tax increase is right. What guarantee do we have that the millage rate will be cut next year? None, zero, zilch!! I think the Commish should take as much of the $400,000 from the BOA and Appraisers budget. I don't want anyone to take a pay cut or services to be cut temporarily but don't take it out of my pocket until you've exhausted all other cuts first!!
mark max
0 #14 mark max 2012-09-11 11:15
1800.00 a month.That is what a Deputy in Pickens County averages in pay BEFORE insurance costs. 1800.00 a month to put their lives on the line.The citizens of this county complaining about paying an extra 40.00 a year in taxes want these Deputies to take a pay cut.Some are asking for a pay cut of 20%. That means these same Deputies will be making approx $10.25 an hour.How many of you would put on 15 pounds of gear, work 12 hours shifts, deal with the cases these Deputies deal with for 10.25 an hour? How many of you would do it for what they get paid now?So for those of you who do not want to pay 40.00 a year, next time you need a Deputy,remember how you treated them when they needed you. Even if they don't have to take a pay cut and are asked to take a furlough day once a month, that is still a pay cut of 1800.00 a year average. That is just a Deputies pay, it would be different for every other rank. Be happy you saved that 40.00 because it just cost that Deputy 1,000's.
Big Easy
-1 #15 Big Easy 2012-09-11 19:22
Mark Max....been there done that and it is a thankless job. Cutting expenses and salaries while trying to maintain adequate services is what needs to be done before any taxes are raised. The deputies and all public safety employee do a great job for very little pay but just as I did when I worked it, it's not done for the pay. The forty bucks isn't much to a lot of people it's the stupidity with which the commissioner is running the county.

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