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Jasper “Duck Pond” work ahead of schedule



Updated: Mayor John Weaver announced Monday that work at the popular walking/picnic area is going faster than expected. Portions of the park could open next week.

See complete story in this week's print edition.

     In a sudden move, Jasper City Hall announced Thursday that the portion of the Jasper City Park containing the duck pond and walking trail would be closed for urgent repairs beginning later today (Friday, Aug. 25).

     The repairs could take a month, according to a statement sent from city hall. The sports fields adjacent to the duck pond in the park will not be closed.

Jasper Mayor John Weaver said he went by the park earlier Thursday and started looking at everything that was broken, rotten, overgrown or just trampled following a summer of heavy use and realized they needed to take action immediately.

   Heavy equipment will be needed around the walking paths and there is no way the work can be handled with people coming through he said.

Weaver noted that of prime concern are spindles holding up the handrails around the pond that are rotten and a safety concern.

The park, which includes a walking path, tennis courts, two playground areas and picnic areas sees heavy summer use all day, walkers using the mostly level paved path, while the picnic tables with nearby grills get regular weekend gatherings. The park also contains the best playgrounds in the county.

Weaver said the park is really pushed beyond its capacity with the number of users. He said when he started developing a work list he kept finding items that were in urgent need of attention, which prompted the immediate closing.

There are overgrown trees, the rotten spindles, the lake is leaking through a drain, we are going to need some heavy equipment to do the work “and I won’t even tell you about the sand in the playground.”


seven thunders
+2 #1 seven thunders 2012-08-24 08:26
Thank God! My grandson loves the Duck Pond but it does need drastic repairs. Way to go Weaver. It is in need of a serious make over.
+1 #2 Lindsey 2012-08-24 17:34
Yay!! Can't wait to see the results!
+1 #3 jerry 2012-09-01 01:48
mayor weaver the parks playground fully needs attention as well as in the benches the playground equipment is a safety issue as well as the fencing all around it is in major disrepair.. im wondering what are the plans for that area as well since theres an average of over 200 plus kids who use it on a daily basis when the weather is nice out.. also is there going to be more catchable fish not just carp in the pond soon thanks...
pinto colvig
+2 #4 pinto colvig 2012-09-04 18:07
Now let's get Mayor Weaver to fix all the other things he's destroyed in this town!
0 #5 Sinclair 2012-09-11 16:11
What has happened to the fish and the ducks that were in the pond? [Editor's Note: Article on the ducks in this week's Print and E-edition. They are at a pond. No info on fish.]

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