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Barnes wins GOP race for District 1; Sosebee wins DA




     Jerry Barnes won the GOP’s nomination for the west Pickens commission seat in Tuesday’s runoff. He will face Democrat Sally Sue Bradley in the November  Election for District 1 Commissioner.

     The winner of that race will join Chairman Rob Jones and East District Commissioner Becky Denney as part of the first three member commission for Pickens County.

     Barnes beat Marty Callahan 954 votes to 749 in the race. Barnes took 56 percent of the vote.

     In the race for District Attorney, challenger B. Alison Sosebee won handily across the circuit, taking wide margins in both Fannin and Gilmer counties. There is no Democrat in the race, so Sosebee’s victory Tuesday assures that she will take the office in January.

Statement from B. Alison Sosebee

Statement from Joe Hendricks congratulating Sosebee



     In the DA race, Sosebee beat Hendricks 6,748 votes to 4,614 circuit wide. She won 2,318 to 1,331 in Gilmer County; 2,868 to 1,319 in Fannin County. Hendricks won Pickens with 1,964 to 1,562.

     The other vote for Pickens County saw Doug Collins win the GOP nomination for the 9th District  Congress which includes east Pickens over Martha Zoller with 54 percent of the vote. He will face Democratic opposition from Jody Cooley in November. In Pickens County, however it was Zoller who won narrowly, with 1,156 votes to 1,112,

     In all there was a 21 percent turnout in Pickens with 3,565 votes cast.





Linda S. Johnson
0 #1 Linda S. Johnson 2013-05-19 13:51
Can someone give us a up date of the proposed
Water Park of 515. Is it still in the planning ?, or been approved? if so what wis the propoed cost, When will conttruction start and etc. Thank you.

Editor's Note: there is a story in our e-edition on the latest. Follow this link,

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