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PHS band director keyed up for 2012 season


Above, the 2012-2013 PHS Band.

Submitted by PHS Band publicity


     What if the world experienced a disaster?  Would someone rise to bring humanity back to where we belong? 
      The PHS Bands explores these questions with the 2012 show entitled “The Guardian”.  The show will feature music by the groups Muse, Imogen Heap, Radiohead and the Foo Fighters.      The field show will include a Guardian (played by feature twirler, Ellyn Duncan) who helps lead the band out of the destruction of a cataclysmic event and into safety and prosperity.  Utilizing voice overs and dramatic acting in addition to marching, the show will be a fun show to watch by football audiences and judges alike.

The band started the school year early as usual with a camp for the Drum Line, Pit Percussion, Majorettes and Color Guard on July 16.  Rookie Band members arrived on the 17 and participated in a day of marching and music playing to introduce this to them before the entire band arrived on Wednesday, July 18. 
      The band camp officially started on Wednesday and ran from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. every day until the 27th. 
      “Starting as we do before school begins is common all across Georgia,” said Michael Oubre, Band Director at Pickens High School.  “One day of camp before school equals almost a week of rehearsals after school starts.  We had a great staff of college students and veteran teachers that helped accomplish our goals for the week. 
      “There are a few more distractions by having band camp before school starts, but the students and families understand that to accomplish our goals for the season, we must have a commitment.  Anytime you join or commit to something, you must be willing to follow through with all aspects of that commitment, especially the rehearsal schedule and attendance policy.  Families plan their summer vacations around camp in order to have everyone there because even one absence will cause issues with learning drill and music.
      “The entire opener and second tune of the show is on the field with music and drill and memorization pass-off’s are going really well,” he said.  “It was an incredible camp and the new students and veterans are becoming a close-knit family.  The companionship inherent in the fine arts is vital to the success of a program.  Students have to know who they are working and then work together for a common goal.  Camp is a tough two weeks, but we made sure to include plenty of time to bond with their friends and band members through games, trivia, karaoke and meal times.”
      The band booster club was instrumental to the success of the camp.  Led by Booster President David and Jamica Carver and an outpouring of volunteers, the parents and family friends made sure the band students were more than adequately watered during the breaks and also helped to provide meals in the evenings.  The week culminated in an exhibition performance in the stadium followed by a pot-luck dinner for the families. 
      “The generosity of the families and their support and sacrifice made this week an incredible success,” Oubre said. “It is so important to be involved in the life of your child.  We want every family of the band involved in same way, shape or form.  We strive to find a place for them to assist in any way the can.  It means more to a student than they’ll ever be able to express when they see that their parents are actively involved, even just one time, with the activity in which they are participating. 
      “We hope the same businesses that helped us out for camp, and others, will help us out for the Georgia Marble Marching Festival on September 24th.  The community is key to the success of that event and if you are interested in helping or supporting the booster club, please contact me at PHS,” he said.
      The band is directed by Michael Oubre and other staff members include Kevin Boyle, band director at Pickens Middle School (pit percussion), Matt Wirtz (drum line) and Clarissa Wallen (Color Guard).  Other camp instructors included Kristen Boyd (flutes), Kristen Balschi (clarinets), Spencer Smith (saxes), Bethany Nickelson (trumpets),  Phillip McIntyre (low brass) and Taylor Brown (majorettes).  Jason Tiller also helped with drill and marching.
      The student leadership team for the PHS band includes:  Christian Gibson (Captain), Drew Roberts (Co-Captain), Kara Jones  (Secretary), Cody Carver (Property Officer), Andrew Haygood (Publicity Officer), Emma Shipley-Schmitt (Uniform Officer), Caroline Thomas (Librarian), Andi Torres (Freshman Representative), Peyton Heath (GMMF Officer) and Colleen Leahy and Will Lawson (Drum Majors).  The section leaders include Savannah Friedman (Flute), Peyton Heath (Clarinet), Andrew Haygood (Saxophone), Trey Crenshaw (Trumpet), Justin Fellenbaum (Horn), Jeremy Thornton (Baritones), Justin Pilla (Trombones), Cody Carver (Tuba), Haley Matthews (Pit Percussion), Bryce Goss (Drum Line), Tori McDaniel (Color Guard), Ellyn Duncan (Majorette).
      The support of the staff and teachers PHS have been a tremendous help and the band would like to thank all of the clerical staff and custodial staff who helped us out so much during the summer. 
      The band looks forward to its’ first performance at the game on August 31st versus Sonoraville at Sonoraville.  Come out and support the Pride of Pickens Band.


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