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Ball Ground fire hides homicides/suicide

Gunshot wounds found to wife and daughter


From Cherokee County Sheriff's Office



The three bodies found in the remains of the house fire on Spriggs Trail last month in Ball Ground have been identified. The medical examiner at the GBI Crime lab confirmed that the bodies were that of Ricky Norrell, his wife Darlene and their daughter Lindsey. The cause of deaths for Darlene and Lindsey have been listed as homicide. Both had gunshot wounds to the head. Ricky’s cause of death has been listed as a suicide.

Ricky Norrell’s body was mostly consumed in the fire. However, the remains of a .22 caliber rifle were found near his body. In addition, the Medical Examiner’s findings were consistent with Ricky Norrell dying from a head wound – believed to be a gunshot wound. Facts and circumstances of the deaths lead investigators to conclude that Ricky Norrell shot his wife Darlene and daughter Lindsey before taking his own life. The investigation into the cause and origin of the fire continues. "At this point, we will be making no further comment on this matter," stated the press release from Lt. Jay Baker of the

Cherokee Sheriff’s Office.


-9 #1 mountainpass 2012-08-04 19:16
What a coward....pathetic!

May the real victims rest in peace. May the coward rot in &^!!
Tracy West
+11 #2 Tracy West 2012-08-06 10:22
Ricky Norrell was my brother in law, Darlene Norrell my sister in law and Lindsey Norrell my niece..Ricky was a compasionate loving man father and husband. He was not himself he was ill.... Hate will get you no where..You obviously DID NOT KNOW him...Have respect for those of us who did and loved him.....
+5 #3 R-Lathery 2012-08-07 15:01
Very tragic, prayers for the family.
+5 #4 SW 2012-08-09 16:23
This was a very loving family. Ricky was obviously ill and this is such a tragedy. We've all read numerous comments speculating on what happened, unfortunatley the truth is what it is. It's now time to support the loved ones left behind. Lindsey was such an amazing young woman. Those of us who knew her, loved her unconditionally and were loved that way in return. She and Dustin had been together since age 7 and were engaged last Christmas. The Saturday before her death we sat and talked about the wedding. She was so excited as was her mom. Everyone please be kind and help support those trying to cope with this tragedy.
Annette Clark
0 #5 Annette Clark 2012-08-10 16:42
Tracy i cannot believe this is happening on my god! let god be with you and your family as all get over this terrible ancident love you girl !
0 #6 CA 2012-08-20 13:10
Quoting mountainpass:
What a coward....pathetic!

May the real victims rest in peace. May the coward rot in &^!!

Shame on you! You are a thoughtless person!

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