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Suspects arrested in Waleska home invasion case


    Above, Kenneth Piper, 26, Canton. Piper was one of four suspects apprehended in conjunction with armed robbery.

     Four suspects have been arrested in conjunction with Monday night’s home invasion on Rampley Trail. Shortly after the Cherokee Sheriff’s Office released the video of the suspects using the victim’s debit card at the Canton Wal-mart, detectives began to receive information on their Facebook page about the identities of those on the video. Investigators were able to determine that two of the suspects lived at an apartment complex in Canton. When investigators arrived at the location all four suspects from the video were present. A search warrant at the apartment yielded the victim’s purse, a 9mm handgun and three red bandanas believed to be used in the robbery. Investigators also found receipts where the suspects had used the victim’s debit card at other businesses in Canton. The cash stolen in the robbery has not been recovered.

     Kenneth Piper, 26 years of age, Heather Fernandez, 27 years of age, Willie Collins, 26 years of age and Mason Thompson, 27 years of age, have all been charged with Armed Robbery and Financial Transaction Fraud. All four suspects live in Canton and remain in custody at the Cherokee Adult Detention Center without bond.

      The investigation remains ongoing. Investigators are still attempting to determine why the suspects chose to rob the specific location on Rampley Trail. Additional charges are likely and more arrests are possible.


+5 #1 mountainpass 2012-07-12 13:31
Please folks brush up on how you would handle a home invasion. Have a plan and execute it with your family.

These can happen anywhere. The lady is lucky she was not seriously injured, nor her family. Also we must urge our lawmakers to make criminals serve longer sentences for violent crimes. I bet a couple of these thugs have been in the pokey before, just a guess.
+1 #2 mountainpass 2012-07-12 21:28
Check "Kenneth Piper" at the GA Corrections page. Served 5 of a 10 year sentence. Burglary, Robbery, Attempted Robbery, etc in 2 counties.
Charlie Brown
+2 #3 Charlie Brown 2012-07-13 08:28
As I understand it, Georgia laws make home invasion only a burglary crime.

Home Invasion is much more than burglary and should be treated as such.

Those who invade an occupied home to commit any crime should face at least twice the penalty normally imposed.
+2 #4 elvis 2012-07-13 19:38
Some people really are as stupid as they look.
Scott Higgins
+2 #5 Scott Higgins 2012-07-14 19:44
Put .40 cal. in the HEAD, and they won't do it again !!!
+1 #6 Shantia 2012-07-15 22:21
Kenneth and Heather lived together andwas arrested together she should get the same amount of time as him. One of them should have made a better choice. Same crime same time!!
-1 #7 Sarah 2012-07-18 10:42
Embarrassing & scary that these thugs are close to my age and lived very close to me as well. I'm coming home to Pickens and hopefully will avoid this kind of behavior up here at least for a couple more years. Come to my home and try to invade and take from me what I work hard for and you will be met with the Kel Tec!
0 #8 elvis 2012-07-19 17:16
Attention crimminals: continue to cover yourself in tatoos. If makes it much easier to identify you.

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