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PHS students rock out as “Pipe”


PHS students Nick Jacobs, Cole Millsap, Johnny Stecovich, Elliot Gallagher and Chandler Youngblood make up the rock band Pipe.

By Laiken Owens

PHS student reporter

     Each teen has their own talent, but there are five teens in Pickens that have put their talents together to form a band. This rock n’ roll band is titled “Pipe.” The guys say they don’t remember exactly how the band started when they were in fourth grade, but they are glad it did. Their original name for the band was “Mental Toilet Forks,” but decided that may not be the best possible name.

     Pipe says although they are a rock band, each member has their own inspiration for playing, varying from punk to heavy metal. So who exactly are the masterminds behind Pipe? These rockin’ PHS students are Nick Jacobs, Cole Millsap, Johnny Stecovich, Elliot Gallagher and Chandler Youngblood. Nick is the guy up front; he is the lead vocalist, who also plays guitar. Millsap is a stellar musician who plays the keyboard and guitar. Mr. Youngblood is the man on the bass, who also helps out with vocals. Johnny is the go to guy who plays guitar, controls the talk box, and is also a vocalist. Elliot rocks out on what else other than, the drum.


     Pipe performs for charitable events and causes. Their first real gig was a benefit at a special needs school in Lawrenceville. The band also played at Pickens High’s annual   Halloween assemblies, performing their talent, not only in front of their peers, but their teachers too. Although they are practicing, their performance line ups are slim this summer.

     Getting a good set list isn’t as easy for a band as you may think. Just like being in an orchestra, every player needs to know every note, beat, and change by heart. This of course means practice, practice, and more practice. They say there are a lot of songs they play and prepare, but of course, they have their favorites. Some of these select songs are: “For Whom the Bell Tolls” by Metallica, “My Generation” by The Who, “All Along the Watchtower” by Jimi Hendrix, and last but not least “ Paranoid” by Black Sabbath.

     One of the big questions though is how long do you think Pipe will last? In their recent interview via Facebook, they said, “We plan on keeping the band going as long as we keep from killing one another.” With Pipe’s talent, we are sure they will last a long time, and perhaps may reach the top. Pipe has piqued my curiosity, how about yours? You can find Pipe and the members on Facebook.


+3 #1 Danny 2012-07-05 11:38
There is a lot of young talent in this town. Bands such as Pipe, 10 Gauges Below, and Tear Us Apart From The Inside are all bands from PHS. Two members of Pipe and three members of 10 Gauges Below put together a band for the 4th of July in less than 3 weeks. That takes talent. All these bands needs is a chance.

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