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Sushi plus vodka equals new trend in dining



As cool as they come, Czar Ice Bar has a 4-inch thick and 27- foot long solid ice bar top surrounded by hundreds of vodkas from around the world.


The Czar Ice Bar, in Buckhead’s Andrews Entertainment area,  derives their offerings on the initially odd-sounding pairing of sushi and more than 300 vodka selections.

Stephen de Haan, president of Andrews Entertainment District, said he wasn’t aware of any other restaurant that paired as chief offerings the Japanese food with the Russian drink. But, de Haan, who has been exploring food and drink since  a high school paper on alcohol, said vodka and sushi make sense for the palate -- vodka’s clean finish goes well with the sushi.

The Czar Bar blends a décor of Imperial Russia (paintings of Czar Nicholas and Peter the Great) with modern  furnishings and a hand-painted, lighted ceiling.

At Czar, de Haan strikes the perfect balance between restaurant and lounge. The 4-inch thick and 27-foot long solid ice bar top surrounded by hundreds of vodkas from around the world mix to make the Russian-inspired surroundings hip, yet with comfortable living room seating.

Many of Czar’s vodka offerings originate from Russia, which is famous for the drink, but with over 300 varieties other countries help round out the list. Czar also features around 15 infused vodkas they create in-house.

While Russian and Scandinavian countries are represented well on the libation list, Japan is the sole inspiration for the food. Master Sushi Chef Saito Saito was begged out of retirement to open Czar and de Haan said he is “the creative magician behind our sushi masterpieces.” Born in Fuku-Shima Ken, Japan, Saito is one of only a handful of “Master Chefs” in the United States.

No newcomer to unique and interesting restaurants, de Haan, also operates Prohibition in the same area, a 1920s inspired speakeasy where entrance is only granted to those who know the secret number. In speakeasy style, Prohibition  has no signage with an ultra cool secret entrance (and we’re not telling).

Czar Ice Bar is located at 56 East Andrews Drive, Atlanta.



At right,  Every drink is a history lesson with bartender Tom McGuire at Prohibition in Atlanta. The bartender talks  origins of drinks as he hand chips ice from 300 pound blocks that supply the speakeasy inspired location.

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