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20 tons of free sweet potatoes



Updated Monday morning: All the potatoes are gone, given out to more than 2,000 who turned out over the weekend. See Progress story for more details including possible future giveaways.


From Don Russell, of Community Thrift Store


Approximately 20 Tons of Sweet Potatoes have been donated to this community.  The potatoes are scheduled to be delivered on Saturday June 30th.  They will be next to the Pickens County Canning Plant behind Jasper Middle School and will be available at approximately 10:30 a.m., Saturday.  The plant is located on A. W. Lawson Street.   


 The potatoes are not for sale and can not be sold.  Individuals needing the potatoes should bring a bag to carry them in.  Each person should obtain enough for their family.  Please provide this information to those that might need them.  Volunteers are also needed to help hand out the potatoes, this may take several days.  Potatoes will not be available on Sunday until noon.


William Mullin
+1 #1 William Mullin 2012-06-30 14:45
I would like to get some sweet potatoes but my truck is broke down. 706-337-1954
Randy Carver
+2 #2 Randy Carver 2012-07-02 11:14
Great Job Don !!!

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