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Chamber to hold Commission candidate debate June 19


See report from forum in next week's paper.


Commissioner candidates for the chairman and the district posts will meet in a debate style format June 19th at 6 p.m. at the Chamber of Commerce community center.

The event hosted by the Chamber of Commerce will begin with 45 minutes for the candidates from the district post races to discuss issues presented to them.

The district commissioner posts are being elected for the first time in Pickens County, after voters chose to move to a three-member commission from a sole commissioner.


In a planning session for the evening, the chamber’s Director of Government Affairs Ron Barnes said the public needs to hear the district commissioners’ opinions on issues such as senior tax relief and the courthouse. Barnes said the public may recognize the candidates as “good guys” but voters need to hear how they envision their job and what they think about the issues.

Following the district commission candidates, the two candidates for commission chairman will appear in a debate style format where they will sound off on a set of issues presented to both candidates ahead of time.

Here the candidates, sole commissioner Rob Jones and Wesley Weaver, will have chances for immediate rebuttals and are asked to bring supporting information for any statements they make.

Rather than just tossing out what they want, we want to hear where they think the county is going, Barnes said.

In a race that has already shown to be heated, Barnes said it will be helpful to see them both discuss certain key issues.

The event will be moderated by Barnes from the chamber, Progress editor Dan Pool and ETC Senior Producer Dave Garner.


+3 #1 edge770 2012-06-13 12:51
Is there a way they can push this back to more convenient hours or on a Saturday so working people can attend? The only working people that could attend or those with vested interests or jobs in town or no jobs. Granted you might not see HIGH participation, but make it convenient so that's not an excuse. PRETTY PLEASE? ;)
-2 #2 Stopthemadness 2012-06-18 09:49
5 bucks says democrats win no position in this county.

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