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Leash law to be enforced --- effective immediately


One of these two dogs that killed a neighbor’s pet in the Magnolia Station subdivision of Jasper may have to be destroyed. This case unleashed the city's new aggressive enforcement of their leash law.

     The City of Jasper will begin vigorously enforcing the state’s leash law, effective immediately, following an “informative hearing” on a dangerous dog case at the Jasper City Council meeting Monday night.

     Jasper Mayor John Weaver said the city has been dealing with dogs running loose for too long inside the city limits––for at least twenty years––and it’s time to force owners to control their animals.

     “We are going to control animals in Jasper from this day forward,” Weaver told the council, city hall staff and others at the meeting.

     See the print or online edition to read more about the dangerous dog case and the ramped up enforcement of the Jasper leash law.


Leash the Mutts
+1 #11 Leash the Mutts 2012-06-19 23:44
It's about time. There are a couple of great danes on our road, and those dogs are vicious. They bark and growl at me and my mother, in OUR yard, and they've charged at us more than once. I can't ride my bike up and down our road, or even go out to check the mail or take the trash out unless I carry a big stick with me. It's embarrassing that we've already talked to the owners, yet these animals are still allowed to roam freely. God forbid someone's child comes across them.
Hope it helps here!
+1 #12 Hope it helps here! 2012-06-20 18:52
I live on a dead end road and I'm the last house. I keep my dog on a leash or on her lead in the yard that does not reach the road. All my neighbors let their dogs run free. We have dogs laying in the road and they won't move when you drive up to them. One of them is down to three legs now but still will just stand in the road and look at you.
I have dogs popping in my yard every day and if you look at it and then look at my dog, you know it didn't come from my dog!
I have a neighbor who will go away for the weekend and leave their dog alone. They leave the dog outside while they are at work on the coldest and hottest days but it stays inside when they are home. It comes to my door and whines to come in.
To me, these people should not be allowed to own these animals! I hope that the animal control can also handle some of the problems like these.

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