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Challenger brings heat in commission chairman race

District post candidates cordial in first public outing


Wesley Weaver, a candidate for commission chairman, used his time before the Tea Party last week to criticize the works of current sole commissioner, Robert Jones, who also seeks the chairmanship.

From the introduction to the closing, Wesley Weaver, who is challenging sole County Commissioner Robert Jones for the commission chairman position in the July 31st election, let the fur fly.

     Weaver began his remarks last week at the Tea Party forum for commission candidates by saying Jones shouldn’t even be in the room. Weaver said Jones, who has served two terms as sole commissioner, said he would not run again if the county went to a multi-member commission, and further, that Jones was not a conservative, a true Republican or someone who follows Tea Party principles in governing.

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pinto colvig
+2 #1 pinto colvig 2012-05-31 12:56
wow weaver has gained a lot of weight. I had high hopes for that young man, who could have sailed off into the wild blue yonder and made his family and his hometown proud with potentially unlimited academic achievement and scholastic and juridical greatness... instead it appears he will rot as another podunk do-nothing politician/bure acrat like his uncles and his aunt...
givloc otnip
-1 #2 givloc otnip 2012-05-31 19:51
Bozo, you must be miserable man. At least the young man is trying to make a difference!! What have you done? Here's some cheese for your whine!!
+2 #3 edge770 2012-06-05 12:09
I wish there was a 3rd option. Rob is ok 80% of the time, but then pulls a "Dave FM" and does something completely out of kilter. Like the community center, or "half doin" the courthouse. I am not against the community center, but there's a time and place. A pro-business/ec onomic leader that knows gas stations and grocery stores and marginal housing doesn't pay the bills. That bring real business and philanthropy knowledge to the table. Raised emotional vortexes do no one any good. I just hope we the voters get free bbq. ;)
-3 #4 gagirl32 2012-06-06 00:57
Why is everyone being so rude to this young guy?? Just because he has family in the community that are a judge, a lawyer, and the mayor does not mean Wesley could not do a good job as the commissioner!! Everyone needs to give this guy a chance before you jump to conclusions..
+1 #5 edge770 2012-06-09 15:44
Weaver [deleted] questionable leanings that in the end tend to throw a negative impact in this community. He also has NO experience as a leader or community partner. Strive to learn the issues and community, not a get rich quick scheme. Maybe if he kept low for a while, working the Chamber, investing in business or running for a district seat, then move to a commissioner chair. Combination of name and no experience certainly justifies raised eyebrows and "not ready for primetime" concerns.
-1 #6 tony 2012-06-18 17:53
If they would like more votes they could sure get them. All it would take is to let the word out that ex-felons can vote. As long as there time in prison, probation or parole are finished, all they need to do is register to vote and then vote. That is Georgia Law.

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