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One injured, restaurant damaged in Zaxby’s Fire

One employee was injured and the Zaxby’s Restaurant damaged by a fire that occurred Friday morning as employees were opening for the day.

Jasper Assistant Fire Chief Von Headrick said the fire started as they were lighting the fryers and involved kitchen grease. He said the employee lighting the deep fryer was blown across the room and suffered some first degree (least serious) burns.

The windows to the drive thru were open and the flames were sucked out causing damage to the glass around the drive thru of the restaurant near Highway 515.

Headrick said crews from Jasper, the county, and volunteer stations had no difficulty extinguishing the blaze. “We had it out within 15 minutes,” he said.

The fire crews wanted to thank nearby restaurants Taco Bell, Bojangles and Julee's for providing water and food.


Charlotte Cobb
+2 #1 Charlotte Cobb 2012-05-18 11:14
God bless everyone>> glad it was not worse! Healing to the injured person..

Thank you fire department for your swift answer to this call.

Hope you are not closed too long Zaxbys
Robert Winston
+1 #2 Robert Winston 2012-05-19 08:13
Even in comparatively quiet Jasper anything can happen that may turn into a fire disaster. In the fire suppression world, such disasters are averted by luck, happenstance and proper firefighting methodology. Good job to the PCFR and the JFD.

Robert Winston
Former PCFR Fire Chief
Boston District Fire Chief, retired
0 #3 Ronnie 2012-05-21 11:48
I hope the young man is OK. I eat their every day. the employees that work their are all great. I come in about 10:30 and get a special salad.God bless each one you.

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