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Cody loses contest but undeterred

Cody remains determined to go to Morgan's Wonderland   CodyJones

  Despite getting over 1,400 more votes than the next closest contestant, Cody Jones lost the We Are Teachers contest that would have sent the PHS Junior to a San Antonio amusement park for handicapped kids. Cody’s mom Angie said despite the setback he and his family are undeterred in their efforts to get Cody to Morgan’s Wonderland.

The 20-year-old and his family launched a massive online and Progress media campaign to garner votes for the physically handicapped Pickens resident but, despite getting the most votes, he lost. According to Mrs. Jones, when she contacted We Are Teachers she was told the fine print said they had the ultimate choice in choosing a winner.

     “Cody got over 6,000 votes which was amazing,” Mrs. Jones said. “His teacher had nominated him for this and We Are Teachers picked him to be in the top 50 kids vying for the trip.”

     Cody and his entire family were devastated to hear on May 3rd that he did not win. Mrs. Jones said We Are Teachers at that point said the winner was chosen by a selection committee and not based on who received the most votes.

     “They said the winner would be announced May 1 and it was May 3rd before they announced it. You don’t do that to specially challenged kids. You don’t do them that way. Cody was checking that website every 20 minutes to see if he’d won.”

     Mrs. Jones contacted Morgan’s Wonderland and she was told they had no idea the contest even existed.

     “It’s not Morgan’s Wonderland fault because they knew nothing about it,” she said. “We all feel like we were mislead into believing the top vote getter would win. It was just like if he’d had 100 votes instead of over 6,000 he would have had as good a chance as winning. He was in the lead for five weeks. There was only about three days he wasn’t in the lead.”

     But Cody isn’t giving up.

     “The biggest thing I think is that Cody brought all these people together in our community for one cause,” Jones said. “All these people reached out to their friends all over the world for votes.”

     Jones said she is planning a fundraiser and maybe a motorcycle ride to raise money to take Cody to San Antonio and to Morgan’s Wonderland. A date, likely in June, will be announced later. Due to his rare lung disease and being on oxygen 24 hours a day he has trouble breathing in hot weather so Jones said she hopes to take him when the weather cools off in October.

     “I feel sure we can get the rest of the funds,” she said.

     If you’d like to help send Cody to Morgan’s Wonderland, donations may be sent to the Jones family at 218 Bell Avenue, Jasper, Ga. 30143.

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+2 #1 Lyn 2012-05-09 12:04
How much does it cost for Cody to go to Morgan's Wonderland? We need a goal to work toward.
melissa Gillette
+4 #2 melissa Gillette 2012-05-09 12:45
Cody, We fought hard to win you that trip, we will fight even harder to make it happen ourselves, as a community! You are a wonderful young man and we are honored to know you. You bring a smile to Carley's face like no other can. Love you so very much and believe me when I say....WE WILL MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!!
Jeanne Wyman
+1 #3 Jeanne Wyman 2012-05-09 14:31
Can you please publish the cost of the trip?
melissa Gillette
+3 #4 melissa Gillette 2012-05-10 06:57
With airfare, food, hotel, tickets to the park, rental car and a little pocket cash we were guessing ( and this only a guess) about 6500.00. We figured if everyone who voted donated a dollar, it would cover the trip.This isn't an exact figure but it is a place to start.
Tracy West
0 #5 Tracy West 2012-05-16 12:09
Make sure we all have the info for the motorcycle ride I will be there. Cody WE WILL make this happen!!!!!!

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