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Last weekend for The Foreigner


     Soon we meet Betty Meeks, the homeowner that is now taking in guests to help make ends meet. Betty is played by Kim Martin, last seen as Sheree in The Dixie Swim Club. Betty has somehow managed to maintain her innocence and kindness, even with troubles. Martin will have you loving Betty from the time she walks onto the stage.  When Froggy leaves, Betty is convinced that Charlie is from a far away exotic country and doesn’t speak English.

      A house guest, Rev. David Marshall Lee, enters. David is a country preacher with his own special mission. His girlfriend, Catherine Simms, meets him in the living room and we learn a lot about their relationship and, without their knowledge, so does Charlie. David is played by Jason Boskey who has recently been in Proof and Guys and Dolls. Catherine is played by Christina Hill, a Theater major at Kennesaw State.  Hill was on stage as Cecily in The Odd Couple and was the voice of Tinkerbell in Peter Pan.

     Tyler Roper is enjoying his role as the bad guy, and this is not his first. Last summer, Roper played Captain Hook in Peter Pan. In The Foreigner, Roper is Owen Musser, the county building inspector. We soon learn that Owen is working with David while the foreigner listens in. Finally, Catherine’s brother,  Ellard,  appears on the scene. He is easy to please, simple;  but he may not be as dull as he seems. This lovable character is played by Daniel Picklesimer, a Tater Patch veteran.

      Will Ellard save the day?  Will Charlie learn social skills or hide behind his lie? Will Owen’s bully tactics win him what he wants or shatter his dreams? When will David and Catherine be married? Come and laugh with the cast and crew as we answer all of these questions, and more.

      All shows will be at the Tater Patch Players Theater. The show runs three weekends beginning May 4. The Friday and Saturday shows begin at 7:30 and Sunday shows begin at 2. For this show, in appreciation of all their support, Tater Patch has discounted seniors age 60 and up an additional dollar. Adult tickets are $15 and both seniors and students are $13. You can go online to purchase  at and learn more about the group,  or you can purchase tickets at the door.  Those who attend The Foreigner will get a special opportunity.

Part of the scenery for this show is a stuffed boar’s head, generously loaned to us by the Pools of the Pickens County Progress. This poor boar has no name and the troupe feels like he needs an identity. You will get a chance to submit a name at the show. The winning name will be chosen by the cast and the winner will receive two complimentary tickets to the summer production of Gypsy.

     Share and Share Alike night for this show is the dress rehearsal on May 3. Anyone who wants to see the show but cannot afford a regular ticket is welcome to attend and share their laughter with the actors.  We ask that they bring a donation of canned food or non-perishable items such as laundry detergent or personal items such as shampoo or deodorant. Tater Patch takes these donated items to share at the CARES Food Pantry.

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