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"Lincoln" to sign autobiographies tonight at VanGoghs


Pictured at left are Abe Lincoln impersonator Homer Sewell and

Mary Todd Lincoln impersonator Reverend Xylona

By Reverend Xylona

(AKA Mary Todd Lincoln )


     Mrs. Lincoln here to let you all know that we are home for a while from “The Road to Greatness.” We are finally in the Georgia mountains where we belong. I was practically jumping up and down when we hit Tennessee. My family wishing on the stars for my safe return had their wishes granted on Sunday, April 15. We have missed you all greatly and are happy to be home.

     On April 27-28, “Abe” and I spoke at The Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville, Ga. Folks of all ages came from all around to watch the Civil War come to life! Re-enactors came from all over to entertain and educate. The 8th Regiment Band played and cannons fired as the President prepared to recite The Gettysburg Address.

     My Lady-in-waiting, ‘Lil’ Ms. X passed out “Girl Power” cards as I reminded the girls that just like me they had the power to change the world. I was the first woman to be called “The First Lady” and was sometimes addressed as “Mrs. President.” I was the “Girl Power” behind the man. Although I have to say we are still working on his etiquette. I found him napping in a chair with his pants legs pulled up above his knees, jacket and hat off and photographers everywhere. Don’t tell me I am the embarrassing one because I speak my voice, at least I’m still dressed, Mr. Lincoln!

     I promise you though that he will be dressed properly when we all see you at Van Gogh’s Hideaway in Jasper on Friday night, May 4, from 5-7 p.m. Abe and I will be giving a 30 minute Q&A session on our journey across the country.  Abe will be selling and signing his new book, Image in the Mirror, a 323-page autobiography of his life as Lincoln and his adventures “On the Road to Greatness.” I will be selling my artwork and incense, sage, tinctures and herbs. All proceeds will go to the fund for Divine Love Ministry healing facility for abused women. Please join us and Kathe Hall at Van Gogh’s Hideaway behind Jasper Drug Store to hear President Lincoln deliver The Gettysburg Address and share in some great food by a local catering company. Let us entertain you and inspire you to have your own adventure “On the Road to Greatness.”

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