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The Eastwood Roundup


Extras, fan talk of movie shoot that electrified Jasper



Above, the iconic Clint Eastwood wears a Chattahoochee Tech hat and stands with two of the school's employees.

     In what seemed like no time, the cast and crew of Clint Eastwood’s newest film rode into town and just as quickly saddled up their circus-like fleet of trailers and galloped off into the sunset.

     But during their two days here, Thursday and Friday of last week, the crew and celebrities made a big impact. Dozens of locals were cast as extras, a handful of people were allowed to go watch the filming, and folks who weren’t on the scene were probably talking about it.

     How could you not talk about it? It was Clint Eastwood. What other celebrity so perfectly meshes with folks in Pickens County. Only John Wayne could have topped him.


See this week's print edition or online edition for the full story.

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