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April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month


Pinwheels for Prevention marks 374 reports in 2011

     A single pinwheel can spin many times in seven minutes. Seven minutes is the length of time that passes before another child in Georgia is abused or neglected.

     Please observe the Pinwheels on the Annex West  lawn to represent the 374 reports of child abuse or neglect made last year to the Pickens Department of Family and Children’s Services. The goal of Pinwheels for Prevention is to show the community the alarming number of children who are harmed daily in their own backyard. Pickens Family Partners encourages all citizens concerned about the well-being of our children to support Pinwheels for Prevention by purchasing pinwheels at various locations on April 28.

     We hope this visual reminder of the incidents of child abuse and neglect will show everyone how important it is to make preventing child abuse before it starts a priority for everyone in Pickens County. These pinwheels will remind us that healthy children and healthy families are a shared responsibility. It takes all of us working together to stop child abuse before it starts.

     The pinwheel has become a symbol of Prevent Child Abuse nationwide not only in April but all year long. To volunteer or for information please call 706-253-6488 or visit

At left, Prevent Child Abuse members with some of the pinwheels.

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