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Lugosi Films in search of 70s, early 80s car for film shoot

volvoLugosi Films, the production company that is using Pickens County as their filming location for Continuum, is on the hunt for an old car and they need your help.

“Lugosi Films would like to involve the local community in our feature film,” said director Leslie Lugosi.

Lugosi said the film takes place in 1984 and Lugosi Films  is looking for a 70s to early 80s model Volvo, El Camino or Gremlin for use in one of the scenes.

First choice, she says, is a Volvo station wagon or El Camino, and the cars need to be a little rough around the edges. They are not looking for show cars.

The scene will feature lead actor Rob Epstein and will be shot in Jasper. The owner of the car will get dinner with the director, screenwriter and lead actor, and will also get free passes to a screening of Continuum once it is finished and released.

For more information about how you can get your ride on the big screen, contact Lugosi Films at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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