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Updated - second student arrested for pipe bomb incident

See later story --  No threats, no plans for violence discoverd in pipe bomb case

Updated More details emerge with pipe bomb incident at PHS

The Pickens Sheriff Office announced Thursday morning that a second student had been arrested with charges stemming from the pipe bomb that was found at the residence of a Pickens High student Wednesday afternoon.

A press release from the sheriff Thursday morning stated, "The device was located at the residence of a student of Pickens High School.  Deputies arrived at the residence and identified what appeared to be a pipe bomb.  It was discovered that one student made the bomb at home and brought it to school to give to the other student who was planning on taking it home to detonate it on his parent’s property."

 Authorities arrested both students. Both students, age 17, are currently being held by the Pickens Sheriff’s Office and charges are pending in the case."


Original Story from Wednesday Night

School searched, extra security planned for Thursday classes

 A Pickens High student was found with a pipe bomb after returning home from school Wednesday, according to statements from Sheriff Donnie Craig.


Sheriff Craig said information available from the investigation, which is continuing, was that the student hadn’t shown it to anyone on campus, made any threats or had any definite plans for the incendiary device.

Craig said the pipe bomb was not particularly sophisticated and was discovered by a parent after the student arrived back home.

From the investigation thus far, Craig said it appeared that no one at school knew that the student had it.

Craig wanted to assure parents that the “school had been searched from one end to the other” with no other devices found. Buses and all common areas were also searched. He said numerous agencies with specially trained dogs assisted in the search Wednesday afternoon and evening to clear the campus.

He said extra deputies would be on hand Thursday. But he said this didn’t appear to be tied to any specific threats or in relation to the school shooting making news in Ohio.

“There will be extra deputies on campus and they will be paying close attention,” he said.

The student was arrested and charged with possession of incendiary device on school grounds.

Craig said they would continue the investigation Wednesday night and would know more by the time classes started Thursday.


A call from the school's phone system alerted parents to the situation and assured them that the campus had been searched and would be secure Thursday.


Jack G. Thompson
0 #1 Jack G. Thompson 2012-03-06 11:27
Good job Sheriff Donnie. You are running a first class orginazation.

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