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Bent Tree board reaffirms deer kill decision at packed meeting


The Bent Tree Board of Directors expended little more than a quarter hour in a special called meeting that ultimately reconfirmed a previous board decision to proceed with a deer cull some time this month.

The meeting drew a standing-room-only crowd of approximately 300 residents into the lower level assembly room of the Bent Tree clubhouse. With some cooperation from the audience, the meeting came off without incident, after a charge from board president, Sheryl Crum, that all in attendance maintain civil decorum or be removed.

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+3 #1 DICK ZIMMERMAN 2012-02-22 20:51
Once again the board has taken a cowardly way out!
They dare not give the community their right to vote,
because the majority of residents would not harm a single animal on the property.
I guess next year they will try to eliminate ALL of
our wildlife, since "they know what is best for the rest
of us"
What a sad joke!!
Robin Hood
+2 #2 Robin Hood 2012-02-23 16:22
I had my daughter, a definite "Bambi" lover told me today how disgusted she was that she saw a TV news report about people camping out near the corn to prevent the culling. As I understand the deer population has increased to a "pest" level. This is the only right thing to do, a controlled, measured elimination of deer. Frankly, Mike King and the sheriff should arrest and prosecute for felony trespassing and pack the jail. Sorry. things have to be done for the good of all.
Sunny Halfon
0 #3 Sunny Halfon 2012-02-24 22:17
Maybe the pictures from last years culling that was to graphic to show on TV would change your mine. We moved to Bent Tree for the wild life not for flowers. This was all about the deer eating the flowers and nothing else. The Board was to arrogant to take a community vote after we obtained over 350 signatures just tasking for a Commnity vote. A community vote was taken in 2002 and defeated. I ask you before you make comment on what we are trying to do get all the
facts straight and be sure that the facts are true. I think you would feel the same way as many of us do in the Community of Bent Tree. Our Board seems to e blind to the fact that the roads are falling apart, thousands of trees are down. We look like a disaster area. I could go on and on with the problems. I have lived in the Bent Tree Community since 1992. . Thanks to the Board we live in a divided community and it has destroyed Bent Tree beyond repair.
larry Hansard
+3 #4 larry Hansard 2012-02-26 17:04
I have a weekend house in Bent Tree. I was up there this weekend. I didn't see any deer. Were all of the deer killed. I purchased my house because of the abundant wildlife. The deer kill has lowered the value of my property.

If anyone is interested in starting a class action suit against Bent Tree, I would like to join it.
+3 #5 Stacy 2012-02-27 07:54
I USED to live in Bent Tree and one of the best assets to living there was the wildlife. The deer would come right to the house and lay down, eat, play, and just relax. It was a beautiful sight. Having just read what they are doing to the innocent animals up there, I am glad that I moved so I don't have to worry about seeing massacred animals everywhere. Why don't you people get rid of the people who plant flowers that deer love to eat and then complain about it? All you have to do is spray garlic-scented pam on the stupid flowers and the deer will leave your precious flowers alone. Or arrest the neighbors for hand feeding the bears ice cream. Way to go! Or better yet, stop calling yourselves a wildlife preserve because you are far from it. I agree with the statement about other more important issues such as the roads, which are terrible. But as in all political decisions, noone cares about what is really important. Lets just waste money on stupid crap instead of making things better.

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