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deerprotestDeer kill protested – With bright red signs that read “Please Help Us Stop the Slaughter,” Bent Tree residents recently protested the deer kill slated to happen later this month. Page 3A.

Financial troubles threaten Air Force career – Airiel Green says a defaulted student loan and bankruptcy linked to an abusive past marriage may keep her from getting security clearance in the Air Force, which would make her lose her GI Bill and leave her with no funding for school. Page 6A.

Restaurant scores - Want to know how your favorite restaurant fared in cleanliness and sanitary food preparation? Check out the restaurant scores found in this week's edition.

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0 #1 AppleNotPeach 2012-02-16 10:22
I'm SO proud of my Aunt and Uncle and all of the protesters at Bent Tree! PLEASE HELP THEM STOP THE SLAUGHTER!
cody w
0 #2 cody w 2012-03-01 03:22
How can I can into this hunt. It's needed has be needed for years now. The same with Red Top over population was forcing the deer into sarvation. Plus side all meat goes to the homeless. I need to go out and stand with a sign saying I want to help feed the hungry Please Let me Hunt.

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