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State to begin weighing students



Parents  may see reports

by end of academic period

With administrators making it very clear the action comes by state law, Pickens schools, like all public schools in the state, are set to begin weighing and recording the weights of P.E. students.
The SHAPE program mandated by the state legislature requires schools to weigh all students in classes taught by certified physical education teachers. This means in Pickens County all elementary students and most middle school students will face the scales at least once each year. High school students are only required to take P.E. once during high school’s four years, so they will only be subjected to the new rules once.
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Mike Newton, Sr.
0 #11 Mike Newton, Sr. 2012-02-09 11:22
First of all, what business of the state is it what the weight of our children might be? Secondly, what are they planning to do with this information? They must plan to do something with it or they wouldn't collect it. Some states want to take children away from their parents for no other reason than the children are over weight. Is this the plan the State of Georgia has for our children? I do not trust our government to make the correct decisions for my grandchildren, and their weight is none of their business. What other personal, private information do they intend to forcibly collect from us? We had better fight to repeal this further intrusion by the government into our private lives. What's next? What happened to our right, as free Americans, to live without unreasonable government intrusion into our private lives? You'd better get registered to vote and exercise that right to vote to remove these power hungry, career politicians. Tell them to go get a real job!
Liz Cornett
+2 #12 Liz Cornett 2012-02-09 11:26
I do not know what the big deal is. I was the tall fat girl in school. People are not going to pick on a kid because of their weight on a report card. heck kids are weighed and measured to play sports in the county, do ya'll really truely think that they get weighed in private??? Kids pick on other kids for what they "see" not if the weight is on a report card! Regarding rights - really? This is not a big deal, if parents are that oblivious that their kids are over-weight, maybe they will see the numbers on the report cards. This should be an eye-opener - there are kids that are grossly overweight and someone has got to notice!
Liz Cornett
+4 #13 Liz Cornett 2012-02-09 11:36
Quoting Rachelle:
I DONT agree with this at all I know my child(ren) r over weight some and one does get picked on. I WILL NOT TOLERATE this at all , Mayb if this does make a problem I can go in halves with someone to home school my girls this WILL NOT go on too long with my child(ren).

Huh? You really would take your child out of public school over this? So if you child wants to play sports at the High school or on a homeschool team are you gonna say no, since they weigh kids - publicly in front of the other players? Come on, kids are mean and ugly that pick on other kids - plain and simple. Over-weight kids get picked on not because their weight is on their report card. If parents do not know that their kids are overweight, they might now "if" they pay attention to the report cards.
+3 #14 Gail 2012-02-10 09:27
Some of you don't agree with this. Just think about this: Our state and school system has already talked about taking PE out of schools. What if this will help keep it in the school? This could be one way to monitor if PE is really good for our children in school since outside sports is getting to expensive for some people to pay for.
+3 #15 Christy 2012-02-10 15:17
My children eat a mixture of healthy foods and junk. We all at times "plant ourselves in front of the television with a bag of Lays and a coke". But my kids BY NO MEANS are unhealthy!!! I totally DISAGREE with this!!
0 #16 Healthy1 2012-02-10 18:48
I agree with it. Many kids do nothing but sit in front of a computer or television. All sorts of health problems are emerging in younger people because of sedentary lifestyles. If this helps to make a dent in those health problems, it's well worth it. If a student is overweight, the student and parents should be required to attend a nutrition and exercise course.
Seven Thunders
-5 #17 Seven Thunders 2012-02-10 23:40
Val, please get realistic here. What about children who come from poor homes who have no choice but to eat what is put in front of them.
A lot of times that consist of carbohydrates because carbohydrates are cheap and affordable. Children do not get to choose good carbohydrates. This is not about poor parenting, or lack of exercise, this is about putting the spotlight on children who are already suffering from being a victim of their environment and victims of bulling because of their weight, height, color, you name it happens in school. Them weighing students is not going to solve the problem of obesity in our state. I know full grown women who will not let people see their weight when weighing in at Weight Watchers. For Christ sake folks, this is about personal right to privacy.
+3 #18 Jeep 2012-02-15 13:03
I'm pretty sure the kids that are overweight have already heard it from their doctor. Why not have PE 5 days a week, increase recess times, and get healthier food in the cafeteria. And then there's homework.....wh y would a teacher send home 2 hours worth of homework when these kids need to be active. On top of these things working they are also proven to help kids academically!!!
0 #19 Rachelle 2012-02-15 13:25
FIRST of all I can assure you my girls does NOT sit n front of the tv and eat , they do jump on the trampoline ALOT and r very active, also the play softball which is coming up. And they do not eat alot when they come home. I think most of the children probs is caused from stress and YES that can b from school as well.

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