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With strong year-end giving, matching capital Joy House wraps up fundraising for boys home

New home for eight boys could open by April



Executive Director Steve Lowe announced that the Joy House raised enough money during December to complete a boys home that has been in the works for more than three years at the Christian teen ministry’s Cove Road campus.

Lowe said one of their regular contributors had pledged to match up to $20,000 in gifts for the home and the December giving surpassed that.

“We raised the $20,000 to get the full matching funds, plus we exceeded that quite a bit,” Lowe said. “We’ll be moving into the home debt free.”

Lowe said they should be able to complete the home by March and begin using it to house eight boys and also as the school for the campus, in April.


The Joy House campus already has a girls home that can house eight which was opened in January 2008. The Joy House was founded in 2001, first using rental space.

The boys home has been under construction since the foundation was poured in the fall of 2008. Work has been done only as funds become available. The total cost of the home/school is $525,000 for the 8,000 square foot combined home and school.

“We are delighted,” Lowe said. “The main reason we are delighted is we’ve been unable to help families of young men the past three years because we didn’t have any openings.”

With the coming completion of the second full home on the campus, the Joy House will be able to serve eight boys and eight girls. Previously they used an existing home on the property to house four boys. The Joy House is looking at some new program options for that smaller home at the entrance to the campus.

Lowe said having a dedicated space in the boys home for the school will be “very beneficial” to allow more space for other programs they have at the campus.

The basement of the girls home (previously the school area) will be converted to parenting/counseling area and administrative space.

“Having the school area separate from the other areas will really open up a lot of possibilities,” he said.

Lowe said he considered the success of the fundraising campaign being completed during this slow economic time a “God Thing.”

“We have been blessed,” he said. “I give glory to the Lord to finish the house and to put us into a good place to take steps forward this year.”

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