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Collectors roadshow in Jasper (ended Jan. 8th)


Coin Specialist Brice Lanier with THR & Associates shows a few of the items they are looking to see from locals during the “roadshow” this week.

Gold  is fetching the highest prices in history, surpassing the $1,000 mark in worldwide trading. But gold is not the only thing THR & Associates out of Illinois is interested in. They purchase anything collectable, such as pre-1965 coins and toys, comic books, pre-1934 all denomination paper money, jewelry, war items, scrap gold, silver, and platinum, etc. Many coins are bought for the gold or silver content, except a few select years, which could be valued into the thousands, according to Lanier.

Broker Jeffery Maynard says this is a good opportunity to dig out unused items and pay off credit cards from the holidays. The roadshow will be available from 10-6 everyday until Sunday, when they will pack up at 4:00 p.m. and move to the next town. Maynard says people shouldn’t wait until the end of the week to bring in their items for evaluation, because there could be as long as a three-hour wait.

An information pack given to this reporter advised to not clean any items before bringing them, because serious damage could occur.


These two gentlemen will be located in the lobby of Microtel Inn & Suites off Hwy. 515 in Jasper until 4:00 p.m. Sunday.

Who knows, you may have a rare item just waiting to be discovered. See what it’s worth.

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