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Jasper infantryman severely wounded in Afghanistan


Family awaiting news from Wes Farron


Wes Farron’s young wife Melanie is praying for good news following a phone call Monday informing her that her 22-year-old husband had been shot and severely wounded while on active duty in Afghanistan. The couple have an 8-month-old son, Asher, whom Wes hasn’t seen since the child was seven weeks old.

Farron is in stable condition, following a first surgery that removed the bullet and repaired damage to his liver and kidney, according to Mrs. Farron’s sister, Erin Martin.

Martin said Farron was scheduled for a second surgery overnight Monday to wash and clean the wound, but, as of press time, the family had not heard how that surgery had gone.

“We just don’t have a lot of information,” said Martin. “We don’t know the extent of the damage to the kidney and liver.”

Farron was deployed to Afghanistan on April 12 of this year and was scheduled to come home January 1. He joined the United States Army in April 2009 and attended boot camp at Fort Benning before being stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas.

Wes and Melanie Lovern Farron will celebrate their second wedding anniversary this December along with their son, Asher.

“Asher was just 7 weeks old when his dad left. Wes hasn’t seen him since then, except when he was occasionally able to Skype on the computer,” Martin said.

Martin said before the injury Farron was scheduled to come back from the field Tuesday.

“Melanie hadn’t talked to him in over a week before the injury, and then she got the phone call Monday that he had been shot. We actually don’t know when he was shot, but the notification call came Monday,” Martin said.

Martin said the family was told Farron was “severely wounded in combat and sustained damage to his liver and kidney, and he is stable, yet critical.”

Once Farron is moved from Afghanistan, possibly to Germany, Melanie, Asher and Wes’s parents will be flown to see him.

“Right now we’re waiting on ‘bedside’ requests, and the doctor has to ask for that,” Martin said. “The army has called and gotten all of Melanie’s travel information. She’ll need to be ready in 2 to 3 hours once she gets word.”

Right now Melanie and her family, the Loverns, members of the Jasper United Methodist Church, are waiting and asking for prayers from the community.

“Prayers are greatly appreciated. That’s the main thing we need right now. The worst part is not knowing. It’s hard when somebody calls you up and says your husband’s been shot and you can’t see him. They have told (Melanie) that he’s stable, and we’re just hanging on to that right now.”

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