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Other stories in this week’s (9-29) print edition

Marble Festival guide – Be in the know this Marble Festival with the special guide in this week’s print edition. Included is information about the three quarry tours offered this year, new attractions, which include Tate House tours and an expanded children’s area, entertainment info and much more.

PHS school newspaper – Find out what’s on the mind of high schoolers in the latest edition of The Dragon’s Lair News, the student paper published once a month in this newspaper. Page 14 & 15A.

Constitution day speaker pulled from PHS – After pressure from concerned Democrats, a speaker affiliated with the local TEA Party was pulled from a PHS assembly on the U.S. Constitution. Page 1A.


Wil Bell
+3 #1 Wil Bell 2011-10-01 09:57
Please take note of two things from this Constitution Day event at PHS.
First that the students wanted to learn more about the document and it's meaning, A very Good Thing in these times .
Two that the so called " Progressives" in our community would rather subvert that discuss the document.
Says some very important things about this Group of whining, self proclaming, Do gooders.
Get a life and let students hear from more than just your mouth.
A "Constitutional Supporter"- Not a Republican,Demo crat,or Tea Party member- "An American"

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