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5K walk/run coming for beginners, start your training today

 altIt doesn’t matter if you can’t finish the 5-Star 5K on October 29th, enter it anyway say organizers.

It’s about starting, not finishing the first annual walk/run that begins at R &R Body Shop on Refuge Road.

In fact, Janis Kleinberger, of organizer Emerging Healthcare, said she hopes a lot of people turn out who will be challenged to complete a 5K (slightly more than 3 miles) on foot. What’s important is these people start moving, she says. “It all begins with the first step,” Kleinberger said.

Complete training guide, list of walking groups and registration information in the September 29th print edition.


While all are welcome, the 5-Star 5K is promoted as a walk/run for first timers.

“This is  a friendly event for any kind, shape, size and experience of walker or runner,” Kleinberger said. “If someone sets a goal on a half mile and finishes that, we’ll celebrate that with them.”

Kleinberger does want the regular fast runners to come out to provide inspiration and to give a good crowd for the first annual event.

But, Emerging Healthcare is on a mission from now until the end of October to “get people moving.” As executive director of the Jasper non-profit, Kleinberger said their mission is to promote healthier lifestyles in the community. And part of that is getting the segments of the population that don’t normally exercise to start some type of regular activity. The 5K road race is a “concrete goal” to focus on.

To help people get started, Kleinberger and others at Emerging Healthcare will do whatever it takes -- literally. Kleinberger said she’ll come to your house and walk with you to the mailbox if that’s all you can do at this point.

“We will absolutely respond to whatever they need,” she said. This includes some walking groups already formed as well the personal attention in private. Many of the services are free, others have a sliding fee scale and charge by income.

Kleinberger may be contacted at 404-375-8678 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . She welcomes calls from aspiring walkers and from any group or business that wants to sponsor the 5 Star 5k or enter a team in it.

She said having a team approach in an office is a great way to get people motivated for these type events.

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