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11-year-old recovering after being hit by car

pickensstreetsignA vehicle-pedestrian accident, near 1100 Pickens Street in Nelson, seriously injured an 11-year-old boy Wednesday evening, Sept. 21.

According to a Georgia State Patrol report prepared by Senior Trooper Dan Avery who worked the accident, young Dylan Haynes was struck by a Hyundai Santa Fe, driven by Letisha Crowe, age 33.

The accident happened shortly before 5:31 p.m., the time the Pickens County 911 Center first received a call for help. Dispatched in response, Trooper Avery arrived to the accident place ten minutes later.

Pickens County ambulance, Med 2, responded from the Tate station house. Paramedics Sandy Scarborough and Nick Pickett treated Haynes' injuries and moved him to where he could be transported by helicopter to an Atlanta area hospital.

Deputy 911 Director Kristy Easterwood said Pickens County's dispatch center made the contact that sent a med-evac helicopter to airlift Haynes. County paramedics on the ground communicated directly with the helicopter by radio once the air ambulance arrived over Nelson, Easterwood said.


Haynes suffered a broken leg, some broken teeth and facial fractures, Trooper Avery reported.

From information gathered at the scene, Avery determined that Crowe was driving northbound on Pickens Street when Haynes, attempting to cross Pickens Street from a driveway, moved into the path of Crowe's vehicle.

The Pickens County 911 Center recorded Haynes was airlifted at 5:53 p.m. Trooper Avery's report records that Air Life of Georgia life-flighted Haynes to Egleston Children's Hospital in Decatur, metro Atlanta.

The morning after the accident, Nelson Mayor David Leister phoned the Progress office to notify the newspaper and to report that Haynes was alert and conscious at Egleston Hospital, awaiting diagnostics from a brain scan.

Dylan Haynes, his parents, Brad Haynes and Elizabeth Hooks, reside on Pickens Street in Nelson.

"The person who was driving the car is one of the slowest-driving people in Nelson," the mayor said. Crowe, too, is a Nelson resident.

No citation was issued to Crowe. Trooper Avery’s accident report records that a witness to the accident stated young Haynes had run into the path of Crowe’s vehicle, leaving Crowe no time to stop before hitting the child.

Shortly before Tuesday press time, Mayor Leister reported Dylan Haynes home from the hospital. For the next two months, the young man will be in a wheelchair while his broken leg heals, Leister said. Dylan faces oral surgery and plastic surgery, the mayor said. Brain scans showed no brain damage, Leister added.




Letisha Crowe
+10 #11 Letisha Crowe 2011-09-28 09:54
Sara - I am the person that was driving the vehicle that hit little Dylan. I don't know who Witness is, but I WAS there and I was NOT speeding or distracted in any shape or form. I had just come to a complete stop at the stop sign just before the young man walked out backwards in to the front right side of my car. There are other details of the event that you are not privy to such as why the little boy was walking backwards in to the street - I was not at fault and witnesses at the accident gave accountings to the officers that I was almost at a stop when the child walked out in to the street. I have to respectfully disagree with you about the speed being the root problem of this accident - there may be issues with speeding in that area, but in this case - it was not root cause.
-4 #12 Mickey 2011-09-28 13:07
How can the 1 policeman do his job when he is always at city hall or sitting on the side road by Nelson Church waiting for someone to come going 5 miles over the 25 mph speed limit.
+8 #13 Amber 2011-09-29 15:29
I can't believe that this is going on, did anyone read that this is an 11 YEAR old BOY?? Yes, he needs to be Careful... But he still is a child! Beth and Brad are both VERY loving and involved....wit h that being said they DO watch their children. Let's look at the big picture. There is a CHILD laying in pain, missing out on CHILDREN activities... How about some well wishes!!

David, you may not have "powers" but you do have a "voice" how about some suggestions and not YET ANOTHER pitty party!

Get Well Dylan!! We Love You!
+4 #14 Editor 2011-10-03 10:10
In response to several posts that have not been published:

Editor’s Note:
We hope that the online comments provide a forum to discuss issues in the community. However, we do not post everything sent. In this instance, the accident is obviously a very emotional situation, particularly for those involved. It has also brought to the surface opinions involving traffic and safety in Nelson. This may have been heightened by the ongoing political situation in the town. Posts that generally address Nelson issues – speed bumps, traffic enforcement, children playing the streets there – basic small town items, are fine for public posting.
However, we are limiting the posts that are personal towards those involved.
+7 #15 jessica 2011-10-03 20:33
Let us all pray for Dylan Haynes, his parents, and Letisha Crowe
+1 #16 michael 2011-10-05 08:41
First of all speed was not a factor in this case, these children playing in the streets was, I do not know the number of times I have had to stop and wait for them to get out of the road, with part of them daring you to hit them. Second thing is this if speed bumps or humps are installed think about the location that have these, drivers will go off the road to avoid them. As lowering the speed limit from the 25MPH speed, it could not be enforced according to Georoiga law, so what do you have then? I think that the officer we have is doing a great job, [deleted] RUSH HOUR IN NELSON GIVE ME A BREAK
-1 #17 Sara 2011-10-06 21:48
Ok to the editor you said you are limiting the post that are personal in nature but you allowed Michael to personally attack Dylan and his family by posting his comments stating that He cause of the accident was him playing in he road. Are you baised for some unknown reason?

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