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Freedom Ride rolls through Jasper


Cyclists with the Freedom Ride come through Jasper Friday afternoon.

Day One of the 1,035 mile ride from Atlanta to New York was slated to end in Ellijay.

Among the riders are local business owner Jon Hudgens, the Art of Hair, (seen in front far right) and Mike Palmeri, who was a co-creator of the cycling tribute for 9/11. Palmeri owns Cartecay Bikes in Ellijay. The event began as an idea for Palmeri and one other fireman to make the ride in time to be in New York to commemorate the 9/11 attacks but kept growing as the idea caught on.

To follow along see a blog on the Cartecay Bikes website.


See previous story on rider Jon Hudgens and his son, Ian -- the oldest and youngest riders in the group.



Kristie d
+1 #1 Kristie d 2011-08-26 16:19
What an amazing feat to do! Kudos to those who went with them to commemorate 9/11!

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