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Paving Underway on Grandview

County employees work Tuesday  “leveling” Grandview Road. The leveling layer is essentially the same material as a top coat but is applied before final paving to the roughest spots of a road to prepare it for a smooth top coat.

Road Department Supervisor Greg Collis said the work on the five mile road should be wrapped up by next week. He said the county will receive $300,000 of the $330,000 project cost from state Department of Transportation funds.

“We have to put in a little, but it’s our $30,000 to the state’s $300,000,” Collis said. “I know people like to see some of the money we send to the state coming back.” The work will be performed using road department employees and equipment.

Collis said they wanted to re-pave Grandview “before it gets in deplorable condition.” He said if you take the state routes out, roads like Grandview along with Jerusalem Church Road and Jones Mountain Road are considered primary routes in Pickens County. Jerusalem Church and Jones Mountain have been re-surfaced in recent years.

“We’ve been trying to keep our main routes in good condition and then get to the secondary roads when we get a chance,” Collis said.


John Allen
+1 #1 John Allen 2011-08-25 23:14
I'm glad to see the county paving some of the main roads, but roads such as Allred Mill and Talc Mine are some of the worst in the county. They are becoming dangerous in that people are crossing the centerline to miss pot holes. Every week I am almost hit by someone that has crossed into my lane dodging holes. They have patched Allred Mill so many times that it looks like a jigsaw puzzle... I hope County officials pay more attention to the secondary roads before someone gets seriously hurt or killed!

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