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Inspiration in small, mysterious packages


Believe. Smile. Simplify. Do the kindest things in the kindest ways.

Motorists in the Jasper area may have felt their heart grow three sizes after driving by these uplifting nuggets now bolted to area stop signs.

But for us, the signs conjure up more questions than they answer. Who put them there? And why?

Following a close inspection of the five signs newspaper staff have spotted, we proffer they all originated from the same person or persons, aiming at injecting a little positive thinking in today’s cynical, hardened world.

Continuity in the signs’ physical and thematic attributes led us to this conclusion. Beyond the messages having a similar variety of Hallmark sentimentality, all of the signs are metal, lightweight, and brownish-colored on the back. And on the bottom right-hand corner there are little white tags that have been scratched off to varying degrees of precision.

On three, those stickers were removed to the point that none of the text was legible, but a discerning eye can make out a few letters on one, leading us to all we know for certain about the mysterious Jasper messages: they were originally purchased from Hobby Lobby and they were made in China.

Not nearly enough to crack the case.

To date we have spotted two at the intersection of Refuge Road and Camp Road, one at the intersection of South Main Street and E. Sellers Street,  the corner of Holly and Spring Streets and the last at the intersection of Camp Road and A.W. Lawson Road.

Another report has it that there was another sign placed at the intersection of Burnt Mountain Road and Cove Road, which came loose and fell to the ground. Our source told us that after picking up the message he noticed some writing on the back, which said something to the effect of “take me if you want me.”

It did not fit the other pattern, but was a positive sign left in a public spot.

We can’t quite remember when we noticed our city was being tagged by the devotional version of a graffiti artist, and we don’t quite know if these are the only of their kind in town, but we know we like them.

While there is a part of us that would like to uncover the identity of Jasper’s optimist incognito, we feel it might be best that those of you who have information to keep it to yourselves.

Some things, we think, are better left unknown.


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