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Freeze mob descends on Farmers Market

Participants with the Creative and Performing Arts Academy sent chills through the Jasper Farmers Market with an unannounced Freeze Mob last Saturday, June 18.



Submitted by Crystal Merrell of the Creative and

Performing Arts Academy

Brrrrr…. It was cold at the Jasper Farmers Market last Saturday.  Don’t believe me?  Right there among the summer plants and produce, there MUST have been an arctic blast as there were several patrons frozen in place all over the Market!  Check out this link:, and see for yourself.

The ‘Freezers’ were led by Ellen Painter, local actress and acting instructor at the Creative and Performing Arts Academy.  ‘Freezing’ or ‘Freeze Mob’ is a term used to describe a group of people who gather in a public place and, for a short period of time, become motionless, starting and stopping in sync without a noticeable cue.

Ms. Ellen stated this about ‘Freezing’:  “It makes you experience time and the world around you differently, if only for a few minutes….everything slows down …and you see things from another perspective.”  Plus, “it is a lot of fun!”.

Often the most fun part of the experience is seeing and hearing the reaction of the onlookers.  Some passerbys simply pass by and don’t notice the frozen person standing in their path.  Others question or try to engage with the freezer to no avail.  As one man comments in the Farmers Freeze video “they’re froze up! They’re all on drugs!”

The Farmers Freezers were interacting with the Jasper Farmers Market vendors and wares, from Ramblewood Garden’s wooden baskets to jeweler makers and produce vendors.  One pair of young Freezers were stopped while looking at their cell phones, which the general public is accustom to seeing in ‘normal speed’ life more and more.

Ranging in age from 8 to adults, this was a well kept secret in the planning and rehearsal stage.  The Freezers descended upon the Market around 10:00am and were frozen for 5-8 minutes.

There are no announcements of plans for future Freezes from Ms. Ellen and her group, but perhaps we should all pay attention just in case.


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