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Mayberry and proud of it, Nelson residents tell mayor


"If we are Mayberry as you say we are, then we're proud of it," said Nelson resident Melba Roper during time reserved for public appearances at Nelson's council meeting Monday night.

Roper was addressing Mayor David Leister regarding an article he published in the May 26 edition of this newspaper. Leister's article depicted Nelson's police chief spending time visiting residents on porches instead of issuing citations or making arrests. This activity met expectations of the city council, Leister wrote, as "they wanted a police officer that would stop and sit on porches, as in the fictional town of Mayberry."

Longtime Nelson resident Frances Carney spoke to the mayor concerning the same issue. She had not wanted to speak publicly, Carney insisted. A neighbor was going to speak her sentiments at the meeting, Carney said, but could not due to illness.

"We didn't like this, mayor," Carney said of the newspaper article. "Don't do this again. Don't trash our town. Just don't ever do it again. You put in here about Mayberry. We're Mayberry, and we want to stay that way," she said. "And we let you be mayor. We want you to act like one."

Carney particularly objected to Leister's indication that in recent days Nelson Police Chief Heath Mitchell has not effectively covered his Nelson beat.

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-1 #1 Stopthemadness 2011-06-09 14:10
Yeah the problem with the town of nelson's thinking is Mayberry is a 50's town this is the year 2011 you may not want things to change, and I hope they don't so that when you are robbed or mugged you can look back on this town's way of thinking and laugh your butt off Mr. Mayor
concerned citizen
+3 #2 concerned citizen 2011-06-13 01:49
Good Lord, the people of Nelson are going to fuss about ANYTHING the Mayor does!!!

As long as the "CLUB" puts their names on every decision, the people will sit back and accept it as the best thing for them (no matter what)...If the Mayor puts his stamp of approval on the exact same decision, everyone rises up and makes him out to be the worst thing to ever come out of Nelson... it makes NO SENSE to me!!!

Is there anyone in Nelson that understands the COUNCIL were the ones that wanted the police officer fired or is everyone in Nelson walking around with blinders on???

Why is everyone on the Mayor and NO ONE says anything about the decisions of the City Council?

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