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School board hires personnel for key posts

The Pickens County School Board filled three top positions at a called meeting Thursday, hiring a PHS graduate from 1978 as the principal for his alma mater.

 Eddie McDonald was hired as the high school principal; Dr. Lisa Galloway was hired as the personnel director and Dr. Lonnie Trahan Dikowski was hired as a full-time special education director for the system.

See complete story with comments from administrators, board members and McDonald in this week's print edition.


Eddie McDonald stands in front of the class of 1978 photo on the wall at PHS. He is the first graduate to return as principal in the modern era.


-16 #1 Darlene 2011-06-07 19:31
I am sick of the new school board. Why in the world would the new school board elect to get rid of Chris Williams. He was doing a excellant job as principal of the high school. The rumor mill is having a field day with the choice for new principal. Eddie McDonald in my opinion is not qualified for the job. [deleted] Please parents make your voice be heard and let the three school board members know who is really running the show.
+12 #2 Wood 2011-06-08 12:19
I've looked up the new superintendant, Special Ed director, and asked about McDonald and Galloway. The new super has a variety of experience and didn't bring additional baggage with him in the form of "his personel". The new Spec Ed director had the highest grad rate in the state in her prior county. I believe her grad numbers were about 75% compared to Pickens 35% (from what I remember GDOE was down wwhen I went back to get actual numbers). Pretty impressive!!! Plus the majority of school employees I've talked to were very pleased with McDonald and Galloway and said very positive things.

Keep up the good work Board Members!!! I think Pickens is heading the right direction!
+9 #3 Bill 2011-06-08 16:25
Sorry to disagree with you Darlene but Chris Williams was not qualified to be principal. He was a crony of Mike Ballew. Last year my child, whom took mainly honors classes, watched over 50 movies the entire year. All but 2-3 had nothing to do with the subject matter of the class. How could Williams not know this was happening when teachers are suppose to be required to turn in lesson plans? If lesson plans are accurate and turned in, why did he allow these movies to be watched? My opinion of course is, he along with several teachers at PHS just don't care and are riding a gravy train. Not to mention, why did he allow smoking to go on in the bathrooms all over the school and even across from his office?
Stevie Johnson
0 #4 Stevie Johnson 2011-06-09 20:53
We are having a school board/superinte ndant issue here in Richland County, Columbia, SC -- having used the same outside group you all did -- Evergreen Solutions LLC. Can anyone tell me about the study? When it was done? How parents viewed the recommendations , etc? Many thanks! {editor's note: you may be looking for the Pickens SC website. I don't think we used Evergreen Solutions here]
0 #5 Dana 2011-06-14 23:22
I am sorry to hear that you have the new special ed. director. She made a mess of the county she came from.

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