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Civil War Reenactment at Resaca

Small arms popped. Banners rippled. Cannon thundered. Smoke massed and drifted. Canteens tipped skyward and cavalry mounts lathered as late May sun burned down near Resaca during two Civil War reenactment battles last weekend.

Action took place on a portion of the original Civil War battlefield of Resaca, a rolling wide open space at the end of Chitwood Road north of the village.

On both days, reenactors authentically demonstrated Civil War era military units in action, though battlefield maneuvers could not be said to mimic historic battle action from the original battle of nearly a century and a half ago. This time, the Rebs won on Saturday, the Yanks prevailed Sunday.

Southbound, a CSX freight train broke the spell of antiquity Sunday afternoon just before the field fell silent with cessation of hostilities around 3 p.m. In the quiet, two distant buglers echoed Taps across the killing fields.

A windswept silence followed. Applause sounded and faded away, leaving wool-clad armies to traipse homeward under the continuous whirr of massed cicadas.



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