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Volunteers and contributions still needed at Sheriff's storm relief center

The storm relief center established by Pickens County Sheriff Donnie Craig (with cooperation from members of the Blaine Masonic Lodge) after last week's tornado damage in the county, operates from 935 East Church Street in Jasper. The center continues to seek volunteers and donations as work goes forward. Especially needed are volunteers with pickup trucks for carrying stocks of supplies from the center to home places damaged by the storm.

The storm relief center operates Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and will occasionally be extending those hours to a 9 p.m. closing time whenever volunteers are available to do that.

For more information, telephone 706-253-0006.

Previous Press Release from Sheriff's Office

With the overwhelming response from our community and surrounding communities, we have received an overwhelming amount of donations to be distributed to the victims of the April 27th tornado that struck Pickens County. Our office has worked with the local Red Cross Chapter, Masonic lodges, churches, volunteers and civic organizations around the clock to provide assistance and distribute these items to storm victims.

As we have continued this effort we have learned that many of the victims do not have a place to store or use these items until they are located in more permanent housing. To continue providing aid for a longer term, the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office, local volunteers and civic organizations have established a long-term point of distribution for disaster relief aid. The center has been established at 935 East Church Street in Jasper, Georgia. This is located across the street from Fred’s Dollar Store.

The Strom Relief Center will be open from 10 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday. The relief center can be contacted at 706-253-0006.

Anyone interested in continuing to donate items or volunteer for time in the Center can contact the Relief Center.

The American Red Cross will continue to operate out of the Jerusalem Community Center through Friday, May 6th. They are coordinating meals that are being delivered to the area, and will maintain basic needs for the victims. We will continue to work with the Jerusalem Community Center to assist in long term food services for the affected area.



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