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STORM RECOVERY UPDATE: Donations sought to help in Pickens; utility crews on the job

Sheriff Craig makes personal call for donations to help with relief

As I am sure that most of you are aware, Pickens County was struck by a tornado last night. The western portion of Pickens County was struck in the Jerusalem area. Our office has been working closely with the Pickens County Fire Department, Emergency Medical Personnel, the Emergency Management Agency, and the American Red Cross in offering assistance to the victims of this storm.

In doing so, we would like to let you know how you can help. Anyone that would like to help can donate items by dropping the off at the Sheriff’s Office at 2985 Camp Road in Jasper.  Any monetary donations need to be made out to the American Red Cross with a designation for Pickens County. Other items that are needed include:
·         Bottled Water
·         Non-Perishable Food Items
·         Toiletries
·         Clothing of all types
·         Bedding
·         Tarps
We are strongly urging individuals that do not live in the area or have family that lives in the affected area to avoid driving to the area. There are numerous workers attempting to assist in clean-up, offering aid and getting power restored to the area and traffic makes this a very difficult task.

We were very fortunate not to have any serious injuries or fatalities reported as a result of this storm, but we have suffered a significant amount of property damage. Please continue to keep these families in your thoughts and prayers.

Donald E. Craig

Update from Amicalola EMC

From Stacey Fields, CCC  

Director of Public Relations

Amicalola EMC


Restoration efforts continue from the storms that ravaged our area last night. Approx 1400 locations still out of power, primarily in Pickens and Lumpkin counties.  Broken poles, downed trees and downed power lines leave a tangled mess behind, thereby complicating the restoration efforts. This type of power restoration is very time intensive. Crews are working to clear debris and gain access to the downed lines so damage can be evaluated.  Broken pole count continues to rise.

In the Bryant Road/Childers Lane area of Pickens County, right of way crews are working to clear roadways so damage can be evaluated. Bent Tree restoration continues and broken pole count continues to rise there also. In the Turner’s Corner area of Lumpkin County, right of way crews are also working to clear debris and gain access to roadways.

Eight construction crews have been brought in to assist the Amicalola EMC crews, these eight crews are from Pike Electric, Asplundh and Jackson EMC.  All crews continue to work hard to restore power as soon as is safely possible.

Please call 706-253-0359 or 706-864-0359 to report a power outage and please remember to stay away from any downed power lines. Stay clear and stay safe!


0 #1 KELLI2L 2011-04-29 09:20
I always thought Tornados didn't go into the mountainous areas and that was debunked this year.

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