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No serious injuries, no missing persons reported in Pickens from storm

Residents, neighbors, and contractors begin cleaning up from a massive storm that swept through Georgia Wednesday night. In the above home on Henderson Mountain Road, four people were trapped for more than 30 minutes until emergency crews could get them out. A relative of one of the residents said another part of the house was "just gone."


More scenes of the storm damage in Pickens County.


Hotline established for storm reports

Fire Chief Bob Howard said this morning that there were no significant injuries or missing persons reported in Wednesday night's storm.

The extent of the damage to homes, however, remained unknown. The worst hit area in Pickens County with the massive storms that swept across the south was described as Jerusalem Road to Bryant Road to Childers Lane (off of Henderson Mountain Road).

“This is not a densely populated area,” Howard said. “We’re still assessing the damage to structures.”

Howard was scheduled for a flyover in a GSP helicopter later this morning.

He said emergency personnel did a sweep of the area that was completed at 2 a.m. and found no significant injuries or reports of missing persons.

Howard said he knows of damage to several mobile homes and chicken houses in the area.

Howard said reports from utility companies indicate 1,900 homes without power in Pickens County. He said as of Thursday morning, there is no indication of when they may have power restored. He said the scope of the storm will create problems getting necessary manpower and supplies, such as power poles, to the affected areas.

First reports from across the state indicate that 11 people had been reported killed in Georgia from the tornadoes that hit the hardest to the counties west of Pickens. Gov. Deal has  declared some northwest Georgia counties emergency areas.

Hotline – Pickens County has established a hotline to take reports from homeowners of non-emergency storm calls. Howard said this is the place to call to report damage and it will be helpful to their assessment and clean-up efforts. The number is 706-253-1878. He said later in the day the operators there may be able to provide some information, but at this point “the information we have is very limited.”

Power crews are attempting to restore power to more than 1,900 homes in Pickens County without power. No estimation has been given of when they believe service will be restored.

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